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Pepper caters for a range of borrowers whether they are looking to buy their first home, invest in property or looking to refinance, and in most cases we will be able to offer a solution that suits your client's individual circumstances.

There are a number of scenarios that may prevent your clients from securing finance from a mainstream lender. From an impaired credit history, unusual income or employment type to high levels of ATO debt - your client's financial situations vary considerably - and so does our approach.

We do things differently here; our specialist underwriting team provides a same day individual assessment* on each home loan application, so we're able to work with you to get a true picture of your client's needs and their ability to service a loan.

Our solutions range from prime (green), near-prime (amber) though to specialist (red) so you can easily identify the solution your client may need. We will always assess your client under our prime solutions first, and will automatically reassess the application across the rest of our product suite saving you and your clients the effort of reapplying.


Pepper Essential

A basic 'Prime' home loan with a competitive variable interest rate and flexible repayment options.

Near Prime

Pepper Easy

A 'Near Prime' home loan for borrowers who have maintained a clean credit history for the last 2 years.


Pepper Advantage

A 'Specialist' home loan catering to borrowers who don't conform to traditional credit criteria.

*Same day assessments for applications lodged before 1pm AEST (or 12pm in WA).

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